Wide possibility of exploitation

The system can be integrated in diversified areas:
> New urban complexes
> Green & Smart City
> Farmhouses / Farms
> Shopping and sports centers
> Municipal public facilities or private
> Ports and logistics centers or industrial
> Mountain huts
> Integrated solutions in container for standalone application
> Promenades in tourist places
> Cooperatives for the production and sale of energy
> Junctions, fittings, ring roads or highways
> Coastal areas and breakwaters

With the never-ending technological and human advancements,the need for electrical power becomes every day more and more compelling and expands in new areas. On the other hand, areliable and dense electrical network takes time and effort to be completely realized; in the meantime, a difference between demand and offer of good quality electric energy persists. Electric lines, when existing at all, can undergo power surges or long blackouts.

New solutions have to be looked for in order to solve this situation. We propose a combined power station in order to be able to generate electricity in a way that is reliable, eco-friendly and economical. The main power generators are our mini-wind turbine and an array of traditional photovoltaic panels. Under the right conditions, these two sources combined can provide the necessary energy at no fuel expense. In order to be able to save energy from the moments of abundance (high sunshine, high wind) to be used in possible following hours of low production, and in general to allow flexibility between energy production and consumption, the station is equipped with accumulation batteries. Finally, to ensure 100% reliability, a small diesel or gas engine will be attached, thus allowing energy autonomy even in the most unfortunate situation. The pack is then completed with a control station for the optimal management of these multiple, precious resources, in order to further minimize problems and fuel consumption by the engine.

Furthermore, given the outlook on the possible markets, this kind of system is today particularly appealing for situation in which the electricity need is accompanied by water scarcity. Therefore, thesystem can be conveniently integrated with an additional systemfor production of drinking water from air humidity. Part of the extra energy produced at high wind and sun condition is thenemployed in a dehumidifying unit, equipped with a purifier, whichallows the production of fresh, clean water, adequate for alimentary and sanitary use. This outlet for extra power is also a further degree of freedom for the optimal management of the energy production and consumption. This solution is:

✓ Incredibly solid, because of the redundancy of the power generators
✓ “Fit-and-forget” kind of product, thanks to a high technical care in reducing the maintenance needed at a minimum
✓ Economical on the short and long term
✓ Adequate for every situation in which high-quality electric power has to be delivered reliably and independently from the existing grid or external supplies.
✓ Perfect for combined needs for electricity and drinking water, particularly in areas with impossible or difficult supply of  both.